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I am a SEO Consultant and a PHP programmer ( developer ) from Thailand with over four years of professional SEO and PHP programming experience.

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I am a SEO Consultant and a PHP programmer ( developer ) from Thailand with over four years of professional SEO and PHP programming experience. Done many php websites and SEO projects using PHP for clients .
Please Contact for any kind of freelance PHP or other web development work. Below is the list of some of the PHP work that i do.
I am serving the industry from last 4 Years
some of my services includes :
1) Web Development
2) E-commerce Stores
3) Portal Web Services
4) Open Source Develop.
5) SEo Services
6) Improve Link Popularity
Link Popularity Building helps your website gain PageRank. A higher PageRank enables your site to rank higher in Search Engine with competitive keywords. Read more about PageRank in our article Google PageRank Algorithm Explained.

Want to grow your business? Then talk to us. We\’re internet experts and we work with businesses of all sizes to help them make more money from their online marketing.
shopping cart and secure online payment, membership, community and dating sites, portals and search engines etc

Our site reviews all of the top SEO Softwares. Slowly going through all of the pros and cons of each software. We will also list the software that we don’t think is worth the money – and we will tell you why.
remote access software – BeAnywhere provides Guest Invite feature to invite a friend for viewing the desktop of your computer, share the control of mouse and keyboard and transfer files.
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There is no question that for any successful online business, a significant presence and high rankings in search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo is a neccassary. However, to attaint high or top rankings in popular search engines is not an easy task, especially for competitive keywords. It needs lots of hours, and you will have to wait few months to begin to see any results.
I as seo expert will save your time and money, improve your website traffic thus providing you a competitive advantage. I am able to provide affordable seo services to my clients all around the globe.

Summary of Some of my expert services

1.Directory submission : Your Website will be Manually Submitted to the directories. This is done to prevent the website being submitted to the wrong category.
2. Article writing and Submission : Freelance article writing (experienced in various themes/topics). You just send the topic, I will take care of the rest. A final Copy of the article will be approved by you before the articles submission process.
3. Link building : Link building is a good way to improve your page rank and positioning in the search engines.
4. Php Web Programming : E-commerce programming solution , payment gateways like Paypal ,Apart from creating customized website, I also provide solutions in implementing third party shopping tools like Oscommerce , Zen Cart and Mambo. We create the design for you and implement the third party shoping cart into it

What is Search Engine Optimisation ?

The SEO :

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of creating Web pages that will rank high in search engine returns. SEO is accomplished by optimizing certain sections or “elements” in the HTML coding of each page. These sections are specifically read by search engines and, depending on the level of optimization, can create a greater likelihood of free referral traffic.

  • Aim of Seo:
    1. The aim of search engine optimisation is to ensure your site is fully compatible with search engines, or searchable portion, of the Internet. This ensures your site’s content is available to a much wider audience.

    In effect, the search engines themselves dictate the kinds of websites they wish to list highly ranked . They also dictate the kinds of practices they do not wish to see and will penalise in some cases quite heavily.

  • Some methods for Web Page Optimisation:There are several methods and opinions about how a web page should be optimized, and much will depend on the 1)Type of Website
    2) Its content.
    3) Purpose and competition, if relevant.Ask About Money Thread., Homewise Review
    But in general search engine optimization depends heavily on the proper use of keywords and keyphrases that describe the site’s content.
  • On-site Optimizing:The website that presents the most relevant information about that keyword or keyphrase should gain the top listings and automatically the most visitors.Keywords should appear in
    1) TITLE section of the page’s source code.
    2) They should also appear in the META description section where the page is accurately described by repeating the keywords.
    3) The META keywords section will also contain keywords or keyphrases describing the site’s product, services or content
    Since SEO relies so heavily on keywords, the most important keywords and keyphrases should be used liberally in the first two paragraphs of the content of each page.Many sites are set up in formats that cannot be read by search engines, the content is effectively illegible or non-existent to the search engines. The site navigation is important to ensure that search engines can read, and rank, your entire site, not just the front page. This ensures your site is search engine compatible.

    Once you have written great content, made your sites structure easy to navigate and made your site easy to locate via the search engines, you can look at your individual pages in more detail. There are many different elements that make up a web page. Each must be focused on the main keyword/s you wish to achieve higher listings on for that page. Broadly speaking page optimisation can be split into: optimisation of your page coding; optimisation of the keyword density (frequency with which the keyword appears in the text) and optimisation of the contextual links (links within body text to other information) and the text surrounding them.

The search engines also rate your site on how well regarded your site is in the online community. To determine this they measure your ‘link popularity’ based on: how many links into your site there are; what these links say about you; how relevant to your sites content they are; and how highly rated the site is, that is linking to you. The sites you choose to link to, are also taken into consideration.

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